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$60 / Half Hour

  • Includes 2 Passengers

  • Includes Trained Instructor to Drive Jet Ski for Pulling

  • Safety tutorial

  • Life vest for all ages and sizes with whistle

  • Thrilling and memorable experience!

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Want to have the thrill of a lifetime?! Well Tubing with RWS will provide that to you and your family. One of our trained instructors will pull the tube behind a jet ski, you’ll be able to experience fast turns as well as coasting across the water safely. This is wonderful for anyone over 6 years of age. All participants are required to wear a life vest at all times and it will be provided to you. In some cases you might fall off the tube but don’t worry you will float casually with your life vest on. Falling off the tube can be a part of the experience or not, it depends on your comfort level and the instructor will respect that. Come join us for some fun on the water today

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At Recreational Watersports, we are here to help you along your entire experience. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

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