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$109.95 per Hour

  • Fits up to 2 People

  • Quick and easy safety / driving tutorial 

  • Life vest for all ages and sizes with whistle 

  • Full tank of gas 

  • Free parking 

Same Day Reservations!

Jet Ski Rental Orlando: Rentals


Do you LOVE the name brands? Recreational water sports have them! Sea-doo, Kawasaki, and Yamaha! 

All of the jet skis carry up to 2 people or a maximum of 500 lbs comfortably. Guests will arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time and be met by a trained staff member who will cover the jet skis features, functions and do a safety tutorial.

Our jet skis are capable of 55+ MPH, they’re incredibly fast. We encourage fun but more than that is safety, reckless behavior is not tolerated nor alcohol. The boat ramp we meet at has a lot of amenities available to the public. There is free parking and bathrooms next to the skis. Also, a very nice seafood restaurant, play ground, pavilions with coal bbqs and a beach are all available for your use! Arriving 10 minutes prior to rental time assures all questions will be answered and everyone is comfortable to drive or ride. 

Come out to relax and vibe with what this small town has to offer, you won’t experience anything else like it!

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The perfect location to hop on your Water Sport rental on the Popular East Lake Tohopekaliga (East Lake Toho) just minutes from St. Cloud, Kissimmee, and Orlando. Enjoy lots of amenities at this location with the infamous Crabby Bills waterfront restaurant at the Marina, a Beach, and plenty of places to chill.

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Searching for Jet Ski and wondering about the renting cost, locations, and activities to do? You are in the right place!


As you probably already know, jet ski is the name used generically to refer to any personal watercraft (PWC) that is water-jet propelled and has a single bench seat used primarily for recreation. These powerful PWCs are like motorcycles that run on water and are among the fastest and most maneuverable boats available.


If you were to check the list of the best things to do right now, Jet Skiing would probably be in the first 5 options. The reason is simple; Jet Skis offer one of the best experiences to their users.


There is no better place in the US to enjoy the fun of Jet Skis than in Orlando, Florida. That's because the city is famous for water sports and theme parks in the US. So, you can join the host of other people like you to enjoy the fun that comes with Orlando Jet Ski.

Riding a jet ski in Orlando is a great way to explore the waters and discover hidden areas that you might not otherwise see. While on these amazing PWCs, you get to see houses, hotels, other scenery, and the sand and animals while breezing away at high speeds.

In this article, we will show you some fantastic things you didn't know about Orlando Jet Ski rentals.

How to get a Jet Ski Rental?

If you are interested in having fun on a Jet Ski, the first step might be to find a Jet Ski for yourself. To do that, you have two options. You can buy a Jet Ski or pay for a rental. Both options are good, but they have their pros and cons.

Buying a Jet Ski

Depending on what you want, new jet skis can cost between $5,000 and $20,000. The more expensive, the more features it comes with in most cases.


But then, you can also save on the cost by buying used Jet Skis. The only issue with buying an old Jet Ski is that it might be outdated and can also have problems with wear and tear with time since someone has used it before.


But then, used Jet Skis are less expensive. Also, they are an excellent place to start if you have not bought jet skis before. Buying a used Jet Ski lets you test out your skills without putting too much at risk.


You can learn on your own and see if you love these PWCs before committing to buying them.


To find Jetski for sale in Orlando, you can search the exact phrase "jet ski for sale Orlando". Alternatively, you can check out local watercraft dealerships.


If you are buying a used Jet Ski, ensure you check to see its maintenance records. Ideally, you should have a mechanic examine it to see if you are buying a good boat.

Renting an Orlando Jet Ski

Buying a Jet Ski because you want to have fun might not be a good idea. First, you will need space to store the jet Ski when you are not riding it. Besides, you will have to regularly incur maintenance costs on the Jet Ski to keep it in good condition. Also, your jet ski will likely become outdated in a few years as new versions may be released.


These reasons and many more are why most people prefer jet ski rentals. Unlike outright purchase, Jet Ski rentals allow you to own the PWC for some time. Instead of paying a lump sum of $5,000 or $20,000, you only have to pay around $100 dollars per hour.


The price of Orlando Jet Ski rentals varies depending on the location, type of Jet Ski, and rental. But then, it's very cheap compared with owning your boats. Plus, you can ride the latest models of Jet Skis when you use rentals like Recreational Water Sports.

Where to Jet Ski in Orlando?

One thing that makes Orlando a true delight is that you will never run out of water for your fun activities. Orlando has over 100 beautiful lakes; you will always have something to enjoy in Orlando, Florida.


Besides, the average temperature in Orlando is about 83 degrees. That means you can always visit the city whenever you want and have fun with your Jet Ski. But then, here are the best must-see lakes if you want to enjoy Jet Skiing in Orlando.


Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Tohopekaliga, popularly called lake Toho is one of Florida's largest lakes and is well-known as the best spot for jet skiing in Orlando. The tributary streams of the lake are the headwaters of the Everglades ecosystem.


Asides from skiing, the lake also has several side attractions. For instance, you will find the Big Toho Marina on the Lake, which has numerous RV/camping sites. There is also Brinson Park, which features a fishing pier, BBQ grills, picnic tables, and access to the Florida Trail. So you can enjoy fishing with your Jet Ski and then picnic afterward with your family and friends.


Lake Toho is also home to Makinson Island, located in the northern part of the lake. This 132-acre island has 3.5 miles of hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities. The island can only be reached by boat or kayak.


Lake Eola

While many people do not consider Lake Eola a typical "lake," it is one of the most popular and viable options for Orlando residents looking to have fun with jet skis. Its city life environment makes it an ideal place for fun rides any day and anytime.

The lake, which is famous for its white and black swans, is located in the heart of Downtown Orlando and features restaurants, the Disney Amphitheater, and a fountain that illuminates at night in the middle of the lake.


Asides from these attractions, there is also the Orlando Farmers Market which is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The market, held in the southeast corner of Lake Eola, features local vendors selling handmade crafts, food, and art. You are also welcome to bring your pets for the trip if you want.


64 Acre Lake

The 64 Acre Lake at Summer Bay Orlando is ideal for those looking to have fun on their jet ski in a private resort. This 64 Acre Lake, as the name suggests, has plenty of space where you can throttle and enjoy thrilling speed on a Jet Ski.


The Lake is located in the heart of Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts and provides guests of the resort with their very own private aquatic playground.


So, if you are up for some fun, this place might be just perfect for you.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is a 357-acre (1,440,000-square-meter) freshwater lake in central Orlando, Florida. This lake, which is shaped like a lemon, is surrounded by a residential area. With such a large area, you have all the space to get away and have fun while at it.

John Young Parkway borders the west side of the lake. A tiny section of John Young Parkway runs through Clear Lake's extreme western outskirts.


Other popular activities to try out in the area include fishing and boating. If you also want to have an excellent time, you can take a walk down the shores of the lake.


There are no public swimming areas on the lake's shore. Three public parks surround clear Lake. Washington Shore Park, on the far western edge, is primarily a park with a track, football field, and four softball fields.


Clermont Chain of Lakes

The Clermont Chain of Lakes, located in Lake County, Florida, consists of 11 lakes connected to the Palatlakaha River.


The shoreline of these lakes, which are oriented from southeast to northwest, is lined with a large expanse of cypress trees. These trees give the waters a red to tannic color. The fishable waters cover more than 167 square miles, with many accessible sections equipped with public boat ramps.


With such ample water space, you can have the fun you want on your Jet Ski without a care in the world.

Cool things you can do with your Orlando Jet Ski Rental

So, you got your jet ski through rentals, or you bought a new one. You will then discover that some jet ski owners actually get bored even with those fun machines. It's not about having the machine. It is about knowing what to do with it after buying it.

But don’t worry, we have all the coolest ideas of things you can do with your Orlando Jet Ski.

Towing Tubes and Pull-ins

A PWC is both a vehicle and a tool. Many surfers use them to get into large waves for a once-in-a-lifetime ride. You can also use PWCs to pull water skis, wakeboards, and other equipment for the less daring. They are much more challenging and provide more opportunities for tricks because they are faster and more maneuverable than boats.

This is where you get the real excitement that comes with Jet Skis. Everyone loves the thrill and fun that comes with Jetskis. Unfortunately, Jet skis can only take two people at maximum. This is why you need two tubes.


With tow tubes, you can bring your children to enjoy the fun of jet skis as well. Some of these tubes are large enough to carry up to three children. Plus, they are safer for your children.


But then, you will need a powerful ski (not a Sea-Doo Spark) to tow tubes. With these powerful machines, you can tow tubes and have a great time.


The Seas Doo sparks can also tow tubes, but they will do so at slow speeds. That puts a heavy strain on the engine and can cause damage to it. But then, you can use them to tow wakeboards since they do not have much drag on the water.

Jet Ski Racing

If you have adventurous friends like you, you can consider renting jet skis with them. What is a day of fun out there on the water without taking your friends with you? Pull your friends together and have some fun jet-skiing together to enjoy maximum fun.

The fastest jet skis in the United States can reach around 67 mph top speed. If you override the speed limiter unit or get an international model, you can reach speeds of up to 75 mph.


Those numbers should be good enough to inspire you to race. The good part is that racing on jet skis is like racing on motorbikes.


When you are ready, look for areas in Orlando where speed limits won't constrain you. Also, remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and your friends while racing. This is important because jet skis don't have brake lights, and it isn't easy to see a ski slowing down behind those water waves.



Most people do not know this, but your jet ski can power a fly board. A fly board is a piece of water sports equipment used for flying over water(hydro-flighting). The Flyboard resembles a snowboard in both appearance and size. It comes with a pair of boots for the rider to wear.


Jet nozzles are attached to the end of a large hose beneath the boots. Underneath the boards, there are jet nozzles that release pressurized water that allows the rider to rise to 15 meters above the water surface.


Provided you have a jet ski with at least 100 horsepower; you can use it to power a fly board. So, get ourselves ready for some flying adventure. The good news is, Flyboarding is not difficult to learn. In a few hours, you can learn and understand how it works.

Jet Ski Assisted Surfing

There are few fun activities that beat the thrill of surfing on massive waves. Sadly, a lot of paddling saps the surfers' energy and time. That is why jet ski-assisted surfing is becoming more popular.


To facilitate the process, these jet skis are outfitted with a "rescue board" on which you can transport the surfers. They can catch many more waves and save a lot of energy thanks to faster transportation.


However, remember that riding big waves is not for the faint of heart! These jet skis are typically driven by skilled riders with prior experience in such water conditions.

Jet Ski Fishing

Jet ski fishing has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, Sea-Doo developed a model specifically for riders who primarily use their ski to drop some lines in the water.


Since jet skis can only support one person at a time, this one is a personal activity. You might not be able to bring your friends along on the trip. But then, it is a fun activity that you will likely enjoy.


There are about 60,000 acres of fishing lakes in Orlando's urban area. There are also numerous sight fishing areas and wetlands within a reasonable driving distance. That tells you that there are virtually limitless fishing opportunities in the Central Florida area.

Some numerous tournaments and events allow anglers to hone their skills and meet like-minded individuals. You will also find plenty of bait shops and stores. There are also several local guides and fishermen who will tell you all about their favorite spots, fish species, food, and legendary catches.


If you prefer, you can rent a bass fishing Orlando, which has motors and equipment to make lake fishing more stealthy for the best catch around.

Jet Ski Sightseeing

Orlando is a beautiful city with several parks that will surely catch your attention. Disney World, which includes parks such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and other water parks, are one of its most famous attractions.


Also, in Orlando, you will find Universal Orlando. This is another popular destination with Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.


If you are visiting the area, your Jetski might be an excellent opportunity to see some of the city's most exclusive areas. With your jet ski, you can go island hopping, explore Orlando and have fun in salt and fresh water. You can get up on the beach and anchor yourself well, thanks to the low draft.


Before you start, however, you should consider the areas where Jet Skis are permitted to operate. The advantage of Jet Ski sightseeing is that you have complete control over the areas to see and the speed. You can even stop and take photos of areas that interest you.

Go on a date with a Jet Ski

Finally, if you have a daring and adventurous lover, this one is for you.

There are very few watercraft designed for romantic getaways like the Jetski. Most jet skis have seats for only two people. That gives you and your partner private time to have fun on the water. Besides, a jet ski ride can also be a fun way to bond and build confidence in your partner.


If you are looking to have fun and bond with your partner simultaneously, Orlando is one of the best places to do that. You can race into any of the lakes and have a filled day of fun on the waters.


In between, there are marinas, restaurants, and beaches next to Crabby Bills, where you can rest, eat and catch your breath. When it's evening, you two can relax together and watch the beautiful sunset while you reminisce on past events that made you fall in love.

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At Recreational Watersports, we are here to help you along your entire experience. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

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