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Unlock These Secret Fishing Spots

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Checkout These Secret Fishing Spots with Orlando Fishing Boat Rentals

Fishing is probably the only activity that can be a skill, profession, and sport all at the same time. Also, it is an activity that anyone can enjoy irrespective of age or gender.

If you are a fan of fishing, Orlando is the place to be! With over 100 lakes, there will never be a shortage of fishing spots for you in Orlando. First, you need to get yourself a nice fishing boat from any Orlando fishing boat rentals. After that, you can proceed to any of Orlando's lakes for fun fishing activities.

However, to catch the best fish in Orlando, there are a few secret spots where fishing is at its best. This guide will help you discover some of the best spots to fish in Orlando. We'll also show you some fishing tips to help you make the best of your fishing boat Orlando.

Fishing Boat Rentals on West Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Tohopekaliga ranks amongst the largest lakes in Orlando, covering over 22,000 acres of water. The famous lake goes by many names like the West Lake, Lake Toho, Lake Tohopeka, and Toho. It would interest you to know that its long name ‘Tohopekaliga’ means we will gather here.

There are few places better than West Lake Tohopeka in the US for fishing. The lake is known as the most productive lake for bass fish in the US. According to the Florida Wildlife Commission, there is an estimated 10 pounds of Bass Fish in every 10 acres area of the lake. That’s about 22,000 pounds of Bass Fish in the lake alone. That’s without considering the various other species of fish that you can catch in the lake. Due to the huge number of Bass Fish in the river, many fishing tournaments are held on the lake every year.

Interestingly, the record of the largest bass fish ever caught was set on this lake. In 2014, Dean Rojas set the record when he caught trophy bass weighing 45 pounds and 2 ounces. Till today, no one has matched his record. Similarly, the woman with the highest catch in the lake caught about 14 pounds of bass fish during his bass fishing Orlando trip.

Secrets to fishing on West Lake Tohopekaliga

After you have gotten the perfect Orlando fishing boat rentals, you and your friends can proceed to the waters along the mouth of Shingle Creek. You could also take your West Tohopekaliga lake fishing boat rentals towards the upgraded shorelines east and west of South Port Park, Goblets Cove Point.

Grab your Bass Fishing Boat, and you can catch as many bass fish as possible using artificial lures or shiners. Watch out for the offshore hydrilla patches around channel marker 24. Fishes are known to hide in this area in their clusters. Also, the Little Grassy Island and the Goblets Cove have plenty of fish clusters on good days.

If you can locate flowing water associated with rainfall-runoff, you should follow in that direction with your fishing boat rentals Orlando. You can make a few casts in these places for a good catch.

Live baits and artificial baits will work well in almost all areas in West Lake Tohopekaliga. However, most professional anglers that have fished this lake prefer using Golden Shiners as live baits. But then, you can also use plastic worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, etc., for your fair catch.

The weather and time of the day play huge roles in the success of your fishing trip on West Lake Tohopekaliga. Between February and March are the best months to fish on West Lake Toho since most Fish in the Lake spawn around this period. Around that period, the species in the water will likely move from the shallow regions towards the Hydrilla patches and the Kissimmee grass area. If you are looking to fish during summer, you can check around the Browns point, Big Grassy, and Lanier Point.

Orlando Fishing Boat Rentals East Lake Tohopekaliga

From the name, one can tell this is the sister lake to West Lake Tohopekaliga. It also shares some of the aliases with its sister, like it is also called Toho. However, East Lake Toho is not as large and not as famous as its sister.

East Lake Toho only covers about 12,000 acres, and it is located almost adjacent to its twin, which explains the name. Due to the large size difference, locals prefer to call this lake the small Toho. It is connected to the West Lake Toho by a canal.

Compared with the West Toho, East Lake Toho is easier to observe since many houses are around it. It also has less vegetation in most parts except around its northwest corner, where you will find narrow bands of reeds and Kissimmee grass. It also has the characteristic acid rain color that most Florida rivers and canals have.

Secrets to fishing on East Lake Tohopekaliga

The first secret you should know is that you need to get a good boat from any fishing boat rentals Kissimmee Orlando in the area. Once you have a good boat, proceed to the lake and start your fishing adventure.

When you get to the waters of East Lake Toho, look amongst reeds. That's because lots of panfish species like to spawn there. You might also find some of them on clear sand around lily pads. Around these areas, you will also find bluegills and Shell crackers spawning around September, July, and especially August.

If you are looking for bass fish, the best time to fish on the East Lake Toho is around December till March. Remember to come with baits when you are coming in your Orlando fishing boat rentals. Live wild shiners are the most popular baits used in these waters, especially for largemouth bass around this time of the year. You can also fish around October and November; however, you will have to use artificial lures.

But then, always remember, the weather plays a major role in fishing on this lake. Crappie Fish does well around fall until the end of Spring when they spawn. So if you want those, you can also work towards those times to book your Orlando fishing boat rentals.

Alligator Chain of Lakes Fishing Boat Rentals

One of the most underrated places where you can get loads of fish in Orlando is the Alligator chain of lakes. Most people don't see the potential of these lakes because they are not so large; also, getting to these lakes can be challenging.

However, once you have found this chain of lakes, you will realize your lake fishing boat rentals in Orlando were worth every dime! The Alligator chain of lakes starts around 5 miles east of St. Cloud, Florida.

Secrets to fishing on the Alligator chain of lakes

According to the locals, the chain has several lakes, but the most popular ones include lakes Center, Lizzie, Coon, Brick, Trout, Alligator, and Gentry. Lake Alligator, Brick, and Gentry are the biggest of all these lakes. These three lakes create a type of aquatic triangle right off the Florida Turnpike in Osceola County, where you can visit for a rewarding fishing experience.

One thing that makes the chain of lakes a perfect fishing spot for anyone in the low fishing pressure in the area. You won't find so many fishing boat rentals Kissimmee Orlando in the area, so it might be a good place for beginners.

Most of the fishing here takes place around reed lines and grass beds. In the Alligator Lake, you will find the best reed lines towards its Southern end, where there are several fishes. On Brick Lake, you will find more fish around trees and weed beds in the middle of the lake. The Fish in Brick Lake would likely stay around trees when it is cool and stay around the weed beds when warm.

Crankbait or spinnerbait would work well here, whether live or artificial. Also, the best time to fish is around early Spring, when most of the fish population is spawning. This is also a great time to scoot around the lakes in a jet ski rental Orlando.


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