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Jet Ski on The Largest Lakes in Central Florida

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Jet Ski Orlando on The Largest Lakes in Orlando

Everyone will agree that jet skiing is an amazing activity. Only a few water activities are as fun and beneficial as taking a jet ski into the water. However, if you must have value for your money, there are a few things you must do.

women best friends on a jet ski rental orlando

First, of course, you need to find the right jet ski. Like cars, jet skis come in various designs from different manufacturers. Usually, they mostly do the same thing, but some offer more performance than others. For instance, some manufacturers limit the speed of their jet skis to reduce the chances of accidents, while others do not.

So, your first decision should be about the choice of machine you want to use. After finding the right jet ski rental near me that suits you, you need to find a place to take it.

If you are in Florida, you must understand that Orlando is one of the best to have a fun jet ski ride. Orlando alone has over 100 lakes where anyone can enjoy their water sports activities like jet skiing and the rest.

However, even with so much water in and around Orlando, not all lake you find is suitable for jet skiing. Some lakes are too small, while some may be too dangerous for humans. Therefore, in this article, we will explore some of the largest lakes you can use for jet skiing in Orlando and why they are perfect for jet skiing.

Why Should you Jet Ski on a Large Lake in Orlando?

Jet ski rentals near me in Orlando cost money. Depending on where you rent the jet ski and the type of the PWC you choose, you could be paying between $75 and $125 per hour. In Orlando Summer Bay, Jet ski rentals near me cost between $60 and $80 per hour. If you are paying this amount of money for your Jet Ski Orlando FL, it is only fair that you make the best of your investment.

When you take your jet ski to small lakes like Lake Bryan, Lake Hart, or Lake Whippoorwill, there is a huge chance that you will get bored easily. That's because jet skis are large machines covering a lot of space on the water. You will need a large water body to take as many of them at once.

Plus, jet skis are very fast; they can reach speeds between 65km/h and 115km/h in water. If you are on top speed, you could cover 100km of water in one hour with a jet ski.

When you put these big PWCs on these lakes with short shorelines, you may not be able to cover many areas on these lakes before you run out of water such as if you rent a Jet Ski Rental in Davenport FL. When you reach the shoreline, you have to circle back again and start the process afresh.

As you continue to do that repeatedly, there is a huge chance that you will get tired of seeing the same views repeatedly. As such, a full day of fun can end abruptly. Plus, a small lake will be restrictive in terms of activities.

But if you want to feel the full speed of a jet ski, a large lake is the place to be. With a large lake, you will have all the space to throttle down and explore the beautiful sights the lake has in store for you. As you ride at full speed, you will see more new areas of the water, and you can also engage in as many activities as you wish.

So, if you aim to get the best value for your money when you get a jet ski rental near me in Orlando FL, make sure to use a large lake. To help you enjoy your jet skiing in Orlando, the following are some of the best largest lakes to take your jet ski rentals near me in Orlando.

Largest Lakes in Orlando Where You Can Take Your Jet Ski Rental Near Me

Now you know that all lakes in Orlando are unsuitable for jet ski rentals near me. If you don't know where to take your jet ski rental near me, don't worry. The following are some of the best lakes in Orlando where you can take your jet ski. They are large enough to support your activities and have enough side attractions for your pleasure.

Tohopekaliga Lake

Lake Tohopekaliga, or West Toho, is a 23,000-acre lake in Kissimmee, Florida, one of the great spots to enjoy your jet ski rental near me in Orlando. As you approach the lake even before the real jet ski, you already know you are in for maximum fun with its amazing scenery and the signature cool breeze.

On a Jet Ski Rental Kissimmee FL. the view is almost unreal, and you will definitely find many pictures to take while you are by the shores of the lake. You can even sit back by the piers on the shoreline and take a minute to observe the beautiful lake before you start your Jet Ski ride.

We suggest you get to the lake early enough as the sunrise is always magical. The breath-taking sight alone will add more excitement to your jet ski Orlando Fl trip. Just take a minute to observe and relax before you hop on your jet ski, and you will thank us later.

Since jet skis are suitable for fishing, Lake Toho would be a nice place to be. West Toho is regarded as one of the best spots in the US for professional bass fishing on an Orlando Fishing Boat Rental. While you are jet skiing and enjoying the winds crashing into your face, you might even find some anglers trying to catch fish while you are there.

Even if you have not caught fish before, don't worry; there are fishing guides around the lake that will put you through. However, ensure you go there as early as possible so you can get the best of the scenery and also, it’s the best time to catch fish.

Nearly all Orlando area guides service the lake, and most companies provide transportation to and from the lake. Therefore, finding the place should not be too hard as you will easily find pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

Conway Chain of Lakes

Next on our list is the Conway Chain of Lakes, which is a beautiful place for jet ski rentals near me in Orlando. The chain of lakes has four interconnected lakes that cover 1,800 acres of pristine clear water. On the shorelines, you will be fascinated by the beauty that mother nature offers.

Taking a jet ski trip or a full vacation to this area is a great idea because it's easy to find. Plus, it is close to many famous attractions. This lake system is the place to be if you're looking for a jet ski rental near me that always delivers.

Asides from being a popular spot for water sports, the chain of lakes is also a popular destination for family outings and angling. There are plenty of fish waiting for you in the river if you decide to do some fishing expedition with your jet ski. After some moments of high-speed jet skiing, you can pause to catch bass, bream, shad, or catfish in the clear waters of this lake.

East Tohopekaliga Lake

East Toho, or the East Lake Tohopekaliga, is the sister to the West Toho Lake. Even though they are related, the East Toho Lake is not as popular as the West Toho. That explains why people call the West Toho the Tohopekaliga Lake.

Even though this lake is not as popular, it is not an inferior lake for jet ski rentals near me in Orlando. The lake connects to its sister lake via a canal with which they form the chain of lakes in Central Florida alongside other lakes.

In terms of size, West Toho is larger than East Toho. However, the east Toho has enough space to have all the fun you need. The East Toho covers an area of about 49 square kilometers (12,000 acres) with its almost round shape. This round shape adds to the aesthetics of the river and has earned it its alias, "the soup bowl lake."

With a diameter of about 8 km (5 miles), you should have enough space on the lake to race with your friends at high speed without any issues. Plus, the lake is just about 6 meters deep on average, so it should be safe enough for you to ride without any problems. The beauty of the lake is that it is almost always the same depth all year round. That's because it has tributaries that continue to supply water to it.

Okeechobee Lake

If you need a large space to use your jet ski rental near Orlando, Fl, Okeechobee Lake should be on your list. Most people know the lake as one of the largest in Florida, while in fact, it ranks among the largest freshwater lakes in the US. This lake is about 55km long with a shoreline of 220km. The river itself covers an area of about 1,900 square kilometers.

Also, the award-winning lake is the largest in the southeastern region of the United States. Interestingly, the lake only has a depth of 9 feet, even with its intimidating size. Ironically, it ranks amongst the largest and the shallowest lakes in the South Eastern region of the United States.

You can see that the lake is just one of the perfect spots for jet skiing by now. The lake is spacious enough to allow you to try as many tricks as you want. Besides, the shorelines are another reason to visit this lake. As you ride your Jet Ski rental near Orlando FL, your eyes will be treated to beautiful islands that line and decorate the shoreline.

Finally, Lake Okeechobee is also a popular large bass fishing area. The lake is dotted with fishing camps that will gladly show you around and help you add something fun to your jet ski rental trip. This should be a good place to take your jet ski near Orlando FL.

Where to find a place to rent a Jet Ski to ride on these amazing lakes in Orlando?

There are many jet ski rental businesses, but be very careful with which company you choose. Some will advertise low prices, then hit you with $600 deposits when you arrive. Others, will charge you extra for gas, or safety equipment.

Your best bet, is to go with a family-owned jet ski rental business like Recreational Watersports whom you can trust to be friendly, transparent, and as a result has amazing reviews online. Plus, Recreational Watersports is just minutes from theme parks in and around Kissimmee, FL, making it the perfect location for a hassle free!


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